In today’s day and age it is a sad thing when almost every day we are reading in the paper about an incident when a young lady has turned up missing or been found dead. I can’t help but wonder if these ladies had been carrying some sort of self-protection device for women if maybe some if not all of these occurrences may have been prevented, or at the very least provided them enough time to get out of harms way.

I am a husband and a father and the following are suggestions that I have told my wife and daughter to help keep them safe as well. I have read them in newspaper articles heard the police talk about them and some were told to me when I was in the military and stationed in a foreign city.

Awareness of your Surroundings to pre- empt Danger

Last week I was reading somewhere about a young lady who was in a grocery store shopping and noticed a couple of males always in the same aisle that she was in. Once she was done shopping and getting ready to leave the store she noticed them walking out with her. Thankfully she had the piece of mind to take action get to her car and take of right away.

Always be aware of what is around you when you are walking around whether you are in a grocery store or outside in a new town visiting. Look to see where the nearest public building is, pay attention to the type of people that around you. Do not accept rides from strangers, or take short cuts through alleys..

Create a scene to draw attention

When out in public if you are approached by someone and do not feel comfortable do whatever you can to create a scene to draw attention to the situation you are in. When we were children we were told to scream if someone approaches you, or grab hold of someone to draw attention. Basically you do whatever you need to, to draw attention that may even involve breaking a window or just something to make a lot of noise.

Avoid the secluded areas

When you are out and by yourself avoid the alleys and the desolate bike paths that go through the woods. When running try to stay where there are people and where it is lit. When out jogging, try to go with a partner. Most joggers have a designated route they always take and after awhile they will be able to tell if something is wrong or different. Lots of runners listen to music keep one of the earbuds out so you can still hear what is going on around you.

Carry at least one self-protection device.

There are always going to be those times that you will find yourself out on your own so in those cases carry a self-protection device whether it is pepper spray or your keys. There are companies out there that make personal alarms that you can wear and if something happens you pull a pin or push a button and it lets out a loud noise of some kind that will get people looking as to what is going on.

Today you have different options in different states. In some states you can conceal carry, some states you can carry stun guns I am not saying that I agree with either of these but they are options. I would suggest before arming yourself that you check with the laws for the state and city you live in.


Then there is also the issue of travel. When my family and I travel there is one process that we always follow no matter what. I am a realist and understand things happen so we always outline our trip down to the simplest detail and leave this information with a relative or friend just in case. We list the route we will be traveling where we will be staying and the phone numbers of those places a description of our car and the license plate.

Upon arrival at the location call that friend or relative just to let them know that you have arrived safely and also relay any changes that have been made to your plans.

Knowledge is power that could save your life.

Today unfortunately we are hearing more and more about young ladies being abducted and found dead. I am a firm believer in being prepared for the worst case scenario. Being prepared can be taking a self defense class through your local police department. Today there are a number of self-protection devices on the market that you can purchase and carry with you from pepper spray to personal alarm devices or even your car keys will also provide you with some protection if used right.

Knowledge is power so take the time to read up on what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation or better yet things you can look out for to try and prevent a situation like this from ever happening to you. Talk to your friends so that they are thinking about it as well.Communication is very important here as well. When you see something that is or seems odd to you say something to authorities and also your friends so they are aware of it as well.

Reality is, that this is something that is happening in the world today and it is happening in small towns as well as large cities, urban as well as suburban areas. However, it does not mean that you cower and let it rob you of your personal freedom to enjoy your community and all that it has to offer.


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