Hello everyone I would like to welcome you to my personal safety website entitled Not To Me Not Today. I am a firm believer that we all have the same right to feel safe no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Growing up In small town USA

I remember growing up in a small town where we did not have the circumstances to worry about that we have today. I would tell my mother I was going to my friends house and I would leave at 8am and not come home till 6pm for supper and there was not an overwhelming concern that I may not return.

Growing up in the 70s and 80″s we would take off and ride our bikes to my grandparents house which was 6 miles away. We would take off early in the morning and ride on gravel roads because our parents did not want us riding on the highway because of all the cars. We would go there and spend the day and then ride home late afternoon and be home for supper time.

Fast forward to 1981 and graduating from high school. I went into the military and found myself in different cities and countries defending the inalienable rights that we all share to this very day.

Times have changed

Today no matter your age, gender or race we have a host of things to worry about or pay attention to. Females are being abducted while out running. Young ladies are being stalked at the grocery store. Young children being taken off the streets or taken from their homes. The elderly are being assaulted in their homes or even out in public at the stores or using the ATM at their bank.

Having served in the United States Military I felt as though I was in my own way defending the right for all people to feel safe and free. Providing the setting that people could go out and exercise or play outside with friends or the very least feel safe in their own house.

I want to do more and go one step further.

Knowledge is Power

I am not naive enough to think I have all the answers. My hope though is that my website will provide you with the tools whether it be through knowledge or products to feel more comfortable when out and about or even at home.

Everyone should be able to enjoy time outside at the park or running on their favorite path or sitting at home reading their favorite book.


All the best,


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